Clean {aesthetic} started in 2010 with two art school graduates printing t-shirts in their kitchen for boutiques and trade shows around Los Angeles. Six years later, we’re still making tees but now we’ve got our own store, a new partner, and excellent resources to change the graphic tee game; But there’s more to us than just t-shirts…

We love the arts, our city, and street culture

so we dedicated our lives and our company to supporting them. We sell various work from local artists and designers and support local businesses by promoting them at our shows, through collaborations, and even in our artwork. We grew up in L.A. and reside in Playa del Rey, so naturally we absorb our surroundings and respond to them through our medium. When we aren’t busy in the studio or at the store, we’re out on the streets handing out stickers and posters, or leaving them up in choice locations for all to see (and take).

But there’s one vital element still to mention

and that is sustainability. Sure we love art, design, local culture, and our company… but above all, business should be founded in sustainable practices if we are to survive in harmony with the Earth. Thus, we have only used 100% organic cotton for our t-shirts since the beginning, and will continue to use renewable resources in our manufacturing process until the end.

Why T-shirts?

If you grew up in California, then you must know that the T-shirt is life; It’s like a second skin and the only thing you ever want to wear. We rocked graphic tees as kids and still sport ‘em today, but have since become more conscious of the impact a simple T-shirt has on the planet. Billions of T-shirts are sold every year around the world and most of them are poorly made and quickly discarded. This is a problem we aim to solve by making t-shirts that fit better than anything you’ve ever tried on, using local manufacturing and the softest, most sustainable fabrics available.

Who is a Clean person?

He used to shred at the skate park and still cruises down to the corner store after work. She never gave up her love for the ocean and can be found in the lineup most mornings. Both love California culture and appreciate quality over quantity; they are conscious of the earth and care for life.   

What fuels you as a designer?

Our drive comes from the desire and ambition to create the most perfect shirt anyone has ever tried on.

What inspires Clean’s unique designs? 

Our Inspiration comes from a 90s childhood and the blend of cultures that can only be found in Los Angeles. We are big fans of architecture, surf & skate culture, psychedelia, street art, band posters, cartoons, art museums, and consciousness. 

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